jr-and-traci-scapesWe are JR & Traci, your team for creative photography and videography!  We are massive travelers who love to capture the beauty of this world!

Our mission is to create stunning visuals of your life’s venture for all types of paths.  Exploring stunning landscapes of your adventure no matter how or what you want to capture and remember forever.

JR is our professional and certified Remote Drone Pilot by the FAA.  He has years of Real Estate drone photography.  Now that he owns his own DJI Mavic Pro and loves to fly!  Traci is head of marketing, sales, website designer, and professional editor.  Together we created, operate, and own Traveling Drone Scapes to provide a fun photography dream team!  We are fully licensed and insured to guarantee professional creativity.

Together we have been to over 20 countries and traveled far and wide to find our most excellent adventures.  We decided to start a business where we can capture those moments of gorgeous properties, landscapes, or moments you want to remember!

Whether you want to capture beautiful aerial photos or videos of your home, resort, event, or vacation, we are here to service those moments.  Granted, most people hire drone photographers for real estate photography, but you could want to capture a memorable event. A wedding video, a distinctive family reunion on the beach or you purchased your first home and want to remember what your first home looked like on the day you moved in.

We can take aerial photos of your home, boat, RV, or resort and capture those beautiful moments and put them into advertising content to showcase what is yours.  Let us help you turn those photos or videos into fantastic content to either monetize or memorize your greatest moments and scapes!