Traveling Drone Scapes

Global Perspectives, Local Expertise

From the heart of bustling urban landscapes to the serenity of remote wilderness, Traveling Drone Scapes brings you global perspectives with a local touch. Our small team of a professional and licensed Pilot and an Editor/Marketing creative ensure that every frame is a masterpiece, encapsulating the essence of each destination. Our aerial escapades promise an adventure that transcends geographical boundaries, unlocking a world of wonder that awaits exploration from the comfort of your screen.

Immerse yourself in the alchemy of our aerial mastery, where cutting-edge drone technology meets the soulful touch of artistic finesse. From majestic mountain ranges to sun-kissed coastlines, our lenses unveil a world that transcends the limits of conventional photography. Elevate your perspective and redefine your visual experience as we blend technology and artistry to capture the world from the skies.

Why Choose Us?

FAA Compliant

We operate with a Part 107 certificate and are fully insured for all significant projects and events. Almost everyone has a drone nowadays, but are they in compliance annually with the FAA? You are responsible for ensuring the pilot you hire is appropriately licensed, but we have you covered! We closely work with local agencies to ensure we can perform any of our drone operations in the airspace.

Versatility Across Industries

We cater to a diverse range of industries, from real estate and tourism to cinematography and environmental monitoring. Our versatility allows us to adapt our skills and technology to suit the unique requirements of different sectors, ensuring exceptional results across the board.

Attention to Detail

We believe that every detail matters. From the initial planning stages to the final editing process, Traveling Drone Scapes is meticulous in ensuring that every element contributes to the overall impact of the visual narrative. Our dedication to detail sets us apart, guaranteeing a finished product that exceeds expectations.

Timely and Reliable Service

Time is of the essence, and we understand the importance of delivering results promptly. Traveling Drone Scapes prides itself on its punctuality and reliability. Whether it's meeting deadlines for a marketing campaign or capturing a time-sensitive event, our commitment to timeliness is unwavering.

Aerial Photos Taken and Edited
Aerial Videos Taken and Edited